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Applicator S1000

Applicator S1000


Labeling in real time

A S1000 assembled to a SQUIX peel-off printer provides a cost-effective solution if operated semi-automatically or integrated in vertical orientation in production lines. A stroke cylinder applies the labels to products.

 Applicator S1000-220 S1000-300 S1000-400
To be used with SQUIX 2, SQUIX 4.3, SQUIX 4, SQUIX 4.3 M, SQUIX 4 M, SQUIX 6.3
Cylinder stroke mm 220 300 400
Pad stroke
below device mm
64 144 244
Compressed air bar 4.5
Cycle rate labels/min approx.1) 25

1. calculated at a stroke of 100 mm below the device, with labels 100 mm high, at a print speed of 100 mm/s

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