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Manual Alignment Station

Manual Alignment Station

BRAND : Kohzu
This product is a compact six (6) axes unit developed specifically to align optical fibers. For the X-Y axes, Kohzu original fine pitch positioner is equipped, since submicron level precision alignment is required. For other axes, standard micrometer is equipped. The high precision alignment can be realized with low cost. In addition, the stiffness improved than previous model, thus not only optical fiber unit, but also our unique microscope for optical alignment is able to mount. It realize to reduce the fiber alignment time.


 Axis Motion Range Minimum Readout
Coarse Fine Coarse(Scale) Fine(Scale)
X ?6.5mm 0.3mm 10?m 0.5?m
Y ?6.5mm 0.3mm 10?m 0.5?m
Z ?6.5mm 10?m
?x ?3? ?0.0087?
?y ?3? ?0.0059?
?z ?3? ?0.0073?

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