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Compact 6-axis Manipulator USM Series

Compact 6-axis Manipulator USM Series

BRAND : Kohzu

Ultra-Compact 6-Axis Manipulator

The new KOHZU 6-Axis Manipulator is a culminationof our extensive expertise in production and analysis equipment.

?Size and weight have been reduced while maintaining high accuracy and rigidity!
?High precision ball screw drives for all axes ensure a long performance life!

1. Centralized Connector Unit

The 6-axis motor and sensor wiring are concentrated in one location to make even complicated multi-axis wiring work easy (can also be removed if not needed).


2. Compact and Lightweight

Lightweight design (approx.3kg) enables installation on highspeed carrier shafts.


3. High Tracking

Positioning i s completed according to highly accurate commands thanks to tracking in sub-micron units for straight lines or within seconds for angles.
Example: The graph below shows tracking data for one pulse of the swivel stage. Error is within ?0.0002 degrees for 0.000797 degrees.



Axis Motion Range Max Speed Minimum Resoluton Micro-Step(div)
X ?3mm 10mm/sec 0.1?m 1/20
Y ?3mm 10mm/sec 0.1?m 1/20
Z ?1.5mm 2.5mm/sec 0.25?m 1/2
? ?3? 12.7?/sec 0.00127? 1/2
? ?3? 9.6?/sec ?0.00064? 1/2
? ?3? 12?/sec ?0.00079? 1/2

?Minimum resolution can be changed according to the number of driver divisions.

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