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Motor Controllers / ARIES/LYNX

Motor Controllers / ARIES/LYNX

BRAND : Kohzu

ARIES/LYNX adopted Motionnet, and actualized control up to 32 axes by connecting
LYNX (2 axes slave controller) 15 units at maximum.
Using the touch panel type handy terminal "PYXIS" sold separately, operations such as test run,
adjustment, etc. can be performed easily without PC.


[ Features ]

Adopted Motionnet
Adopting Motionnet, stage control for 32 axes at maximum is possible from a host controller (PC, etc.) through a communication port.
The number of control axes can be extended with 2 axes unit by connecting multiple LYNX units per ARIES.


Motor Driver Discrete Type
Because a motor driver is a separate type, it can be connected to various motor drivers with pulse raw command types as shown next.
? 5-phase stepper motor driver
? 2-phase stepper motor driver
? Servo motor driver
? ? STEP motor driver
Driver box "TITAN" series that system up is possible easily with a cable connection are available.


Linear Interpolation Function
Linear interpolation drive is possible with optional 2 axes or 3 axes.
When a circular arc interpolation function (option) is necessary, please contact our sales department.


Trigger Output
Trigger signal synchronized to either motor pulse or encoder pulse in 2 axes inside ARIES can be output for external measurement
Also, trigger signal with synchronized trigger signal with BUSY (driving) signal, constant signal, at start driving and at end driving,
and optional timing (command issue) can be output.


General Input/Output
There are 8 points on general output signal that can optionally control ON/OFF and on input signal that can monitor the ON/OFF
state respectively, and each is insulated with photocoupler.


RS-232C, Ethernet 2 Types of Communication Port
ARIES is controlled with a command from host controller (PC, etc.) through the communication por t. Two selectable
communication ports,RS-232C and Ethernet, are equipped.


Driving with Handy Terminal, "PYXIS"
Using a touch panel type handy terminal, "PYXIS" (sold separately), stage operation with manual
control is possible. Origin return, absolute position drive, relative position drive, speed table
selection, setting changes of various system parameters, setting changes of each speed table,
and emergency stop with the emergency stop switch are possible.


* Attached a power supply cable is for using in Japan. Please provide it by customer when a different power supply cable is necessary. (~125V)


ARIES / LYNX Specifications


Outward Appearance ARIES LYNX
Product Type Master controller Slave controller
Dimension (mm) W213.4xH54.2xD290
Link Method Motionnet?
Number of Axes 2 to 32 axes (ARIES: 2 axes, LYNX: 30 axes with 15 units expansion)
Supply Voltage AC90?240V?50?60Hz
Consumption Power 35VA MAX
?At AC100V supply?
(At AC100V supply)
Operating Enviroment ?Operating temperature: 0?40?
Operating humidity: 30?85% (should be no condensation)
Weight (kg) 1.45 1.25



Motion Control ?Absolute position drive, relative position drive, multi-axes simultaneous drive
?(4 axes MAX), Origin return drive,
?linear interpolation drive (3 axes MAX), Repeated round-trip drive, Backlash
??correction drive, Feedback drive, Continuous drive
Velocity Control ?? Drive pulse frequency : 1 pps ? 500 kpps
?? Acceleration/Deceleration pattern : Rectunglar drive , Trapezoidal drive
????(Acceleration/Deceleration is symmetrical)
?? Others : Speed table with 10 type
Set Movement amount 15 types (combination of ORG, NORG, CW limit, CCW limit, and Z phase)
Home Position Return 15 types (combination of ORG, NORG, CW limit, CCW limit, and Z phase)
Output Signal ?? CW direction pulse, CCW direction pulse, current OFF signal
?? Trigger signal (differential signal output)
?? Servo pack signal (servo ON signal, alarm reset signal)
?? General output signal
Input Signal ?? Sensor signal (CW limit, CCW limit, NORG "Origin proximity", ORG "Origin")
???[12V pull up photocoupler input]
?? Servo pack signal (servo ready, positioning complete, alarm)
?? Emergency stop signal [24V pull up photocoupler input]
?? Encoder signal (A phase, B phase, Z phase) (Differential signal input)
???Input Frequency (4 multiplication conversion): MAX 13MHz
???(With disabled filter: MAX 20MHz)
Display Sensor condition, BUSY condition, emergency stop condition LED
Trigger Function
(Only 1st or 2nd axis)
?? Driving pulse or encoder pulse synchronization signal (thinning setting possible)
?? BUSY (Driving signal)
?? Constant speed signal
?? One shot output at driving start & end (pulse width setting possible)
?? One shot output with command (TFR) issuing timing
???(pulse width setting possible)
Communication Interface RS-232C?Ethernet?TCP?IP?
Accessories ?CD-ROM (Operation Manual), Power supply cable (2m),
??????????emergency stop signal short plug
?Motionnet terminal plug (ARIES only), Motionnet cable 0.5m (LINX only)
Option PYXIS (Touch panel type handy terminal for ARIES) Price: ?90,000

TITAN-A?/D?F Specifcation


Outward Appearance TITAN-A2 TITAN-D2
Product Type 5-phase stepper motor driver box
(Built-in AC power driver)
5-phase stepper motor driver box
(Built-in DC power driver)
Dimension (mm) W213.4xH61xD420 W213.4xH61xD290
Number of Axes 2
Supply Voltage AC90?240V?50/60Hz
Output Voltage AC90?240V?50/60Hz MAX 1A
Consumption Power 430VA MAX (At AC100V supply) 160VA MAX (At AC100V supply)
Operating Enviroment Operating temperature: 0?40?
Operating humidity: 30?85% (should be no condensation)
Weight (kg) 3.9 2.1



Input/Output Signal to Controller ?? Command pulse signal, Hold OFF, Division Selection
?? Sensor signal (CW limit, CCW limit, NORG "Origin proximity", ORG "Origin")
Input/Output Signal to Stage ?? Motor excitation signal
?? Sensor signal (CW limit, CCW limit, NORG "Origin proximity", ORG "Origin")
Maximum Frecquency 500kpps
Accessories AC power input cable (2m), AC power output cable (0.5m)


Driver Specification

Driver Model MD-551E 2 pieces MD-255F
Driving Motor 5-phase stepper motor
Driving Method Bipolar constant current pentagon
Driving Current 16 types, rotary switch settings
Dip selector switch
Stop Current(%) Proportion(%) for the set driving current
16 types, rotary switch settings
Dip selector switch
25%, 50% and 75% of set driving current
Micro-Step Division 16 types, rotary switch settings
(2 types in M1 and M2)
16 types, rotary switch settings.
Switch the function selector switch 2 and 3 series
Others Function Excitation OFF

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