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Linear Track(Series iLD with linear motors)

Linear Track(Series iLD with linear motors)

BRAND : Technodrive

Series iLD with linear motors

Linear units with linear motors are advantageous in precisely those areas where linear units with typical spindle drives are limited - they achieve high values of acceleration, offer pinpoint positioning and operate practically wear-free due to the absence of mechanical linkages.

Linear motors are increasingly used in linear technology machine tool applications, positioning systems and handling systems. Linear units with profile guides are particularly suitable for use in both machine tools and positioning systems.

isel iLD series linear units are constructed from rigid aluminium profiles. Guides consist of proven guide rails and recirculating ball shaft slots. A magnetic length-measuring system is also included. In this regard, isel linear motor units have the advantage of greater acceleration and higher traverse velocity. Iron-core linear motors can produce very high forces. An integrated brake is offered as an option, to allow the iLD to also be used in the vertical mode. The "made by isel" concept stands for price/performance-ratio. This in turn means very short amortisation periods for customers.


* Maximum speed up to 4.5 m/s
* Maximum acceleration up to 10 m/s2
* Overall lengths up to 15 m
* Configurable lateral or bottom mounting
* Excellent structural rigidity
* Robust-industry-proven reliability and precision
* Simple to connection to the robot controller
* Driven by linear motor
* Free from wear
* Multiple motor operation
* Low-maintenance
* Made in Germany