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KR-A55ME-2Z / KR-A55ME-3Z

KR-A55ME-2Z / KR-A55ME-3Z

BRAND : Technodrive
- Specifications
Drive method?Micro-step drive
Input power?[2Z] DC24V (DC20 to 35V), 6A MAX
?????? [3Z] DC24V (DC20 to 35V), 8A MAX
Rated current?0.4 to 1.4A/Phase (Default setting 0.75A/phase)
Micro-step resolution setting : 1/1 to 1/250 (16 selections)
Max pulse frequency response?500 Kpps
Input signal?Photo coupler input?0 to 5V
Function?Pulse input method selectable, micro-step resolution selectable, automatic current down
Operating temperature?0 to 40? (without freezing)
Operating humidity?0 to 85? (without dew)
Dimension?[2Z] W190?D80?H40(mm)
??? [3Z] W260?D80?H40(mm)???
Mass?[2Z] 292 g
??? [3Z] 411 g

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