UBA Prevision Metering Pump

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UBA Precision Metering Pump

Foshan Hi-tech Machineries Cooperation makes and supplies precision metering pump, diaphragm pump, solvent recycler and many other products. With 20 years technical application experience of liquid dispensing pump, we have been providing a lot of solutions to customers for industrial applications. Our unique technology, experience and ideas are embodied into all UBA metering pumps.

Frequently Asked Question?

Why choose UBA pump?

UBA pump benefit from high precision performance of UBA metering pump, our customers can ensure product quality and save a lot of material.

What type of industry suitable for using UBA pump?

The UBA metering pump have been used for different industry, such as battery, capacitor, food, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, package, electron, optical and semiconductor.

How good is the accuracy and durability?

Designed with our patent technology and battery electrolyte dispensing experience, UBA Metering 3-Way Valve Style Pumps have been performing good accuracy, stability, durability.

What type of application can the UBA pump used for?

Can be used to fill less than 1 micro litre liquid, or the liquid that contain larger particles , high viscosity liquid, strong acid, strong alkaline, or the liquid required to fill under high vacuum.