Manufactured and Quality Inspected Japan


About Kohzu

Kohzu founded in 1945 and opened business for the repair of measuring devices such as transits and other surveying instruments. Kohzu Specialize ONLY in precision positioning devices and its precision accessories/ spare parts. All products are manufactured and inspected in Japan and 100% Made in Japan

Frequently Asked Question?

What Kohzu is specialize in?

Kohzu precision positioning stage is a high precision standard parts for high precision application.

What are the complete standard parts assemble together ?

Standard parts come with Micrometer, guidance mechanical such as ballscrew, bearing, linear guide, stepper motor, sensor

How many catagorize basically kohzu have?

a) Manual Kohzu stages
b) Motorized Kohzu stages
c) Multi Axis Combination stages

What does application mostly Kohzu stages applied to?

Fibre Optic Alignment , Product Inspection, Vision, Measurement, Product Alignment (Camera Lens)