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About FDS

FDS was founded in 2014 in Singapore. It is a professional high tech company specializing in Precision Liquid dispenser, XYZ Cartesian robot, Gantry System, Tank and accessories. The team consists of 20 highly qualified professionals and is serving most of the countries in South East Asia & China. We are one of the earliest developers of application robots which are used extensively in the liquid control and dispensing equipment industry today. Our aim is to provide a complete solution in precision liquid dispensing

Frequently Asked Question?

What types of liquids can be dispensed using the dispensing system?

Our dispensing system is versatile and can handle a wide range of liquids, including adhesives, solvents, lubricants, and more. The dispensing system offers high precision in controlling liquid volumes. It can be calibrated to meet specific dispensing requirements for various applications.

Is the dispensing system suitable for high-viscosity liquids?

Yes, our dispensing system is designed to handle liquids with varying viscosities. It can be configured to dispense both low and high-viscosity fluids effectively.

What is the purpose of an XY robot in a dispensing system?

The XY robot provides precise and programmable movement in both the horizontal (X-axis) and vertical (Y-axis) directions. It is crucial for accurate positioning and dispensing of liquids in various applications.

What programming options are available for the XY robot?

The XY robot can be programmed using user-friendly software, allowing for easy configuration of dispensing patterns and movements. Customized dispensing paths can be created to suit specific application requirements.