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Features of Automatic Screw Feeder / Bolt Presenters

OHTAKE’s automatic screw presenters make use of a horizontal rail system, which supports a wide range of screw materials and shapes, diverse workstyles, and workpiece dimensions. This unique mechanism and advanced technology can hugely contribute to the efficiency of your production line. Automatic screw presenters dramatically increase the speed of tightening screws. Through ease of use and employing the world’s first swappable rail mechanism, these devices allow you to work with screws of varying diameters and formats. Even if changing a workpiece entails different screw diameters, all you need to do is swap in a new rail. There is no need to replace the present mechanism itself, reducing equipment costs. The horizontal rail mechanism offers speedy and stable screw feeding, highly versatile design, and ease of use in our OHTAKE automatic screw presenters, driving highly efficient screw-tightening work.

Frequently Asked Question?

Can I increase the capacity for the screw presenter?

You can add a screw hopper to add a capacity of 400-1600cc.

Self-tapping screws are not working as intended. Why?

One possible cause is that M3.5 tolerance screws are intermingled with M3.0 tapping screws. If you are handling workpieces with large differences in screw tolerance, select a product based on the maximum screw and bolt diameter.

I want to use a hexagon socket head cap bolt.

If you are considering a hexagon socket head cap bolt, please make an inquiry with our dealer before placing an order.

Can I have model diagrams?

Yes, they can be downloaded from our website.

Do you support special screw and bolt shapes?

If you are considering a device for a specialized screw or bolt, please print out the Special Order Form from our website, complete it, and submit it to one of our dealers.

Can I have extra parts for maintenance?

To purchase extra parts, please contact the dealer where you purchased the product.

How can I fix a presenter for a robotic device?

This is described in the product manual available on our website.

I want to know more about options.

Please refer to our website.