Direct Drive AC Servo Motor

Direct Drive AC Servo Motor

BRAND : Technodrive
Standard models to custom design for smooth and precision rotation tailored to the application specifics

Custom model examples

Flat table type

DD Flat 3.jpg

Excellent winding technologies enable ultra low profile pancake designs.  Suitable as ? axis for multi-axis stages 

Flat table type

DD Flat.jpg

Extremely smooth rotation and high precision positioning as DD motor, even as low profile designs 

Custom connectors

DD Housing.jpg

Custom housing is available for special connectors and other application specific requirements  

Thermal control housing

DD Thermal.jpg

Custom housing with heat sink for thermal control requirements 

Special flange

DD Mounting.jpg

Custom flanges and outside machining for mounting requirements 

Custom windings

DD Winding.jpg

Custom winding is available from small volume for hollow design requirements 

Standard series

  • Absolute acuracy?Max +/- 15arc-sec (DS100)?Max +/- 3arc-sec (DS145/175)
  • Repeatability?Max +/- 0.5 arc-sec
  • Speed?Max 3,670 RPM
  • Feedback options?Incremental encoder, Absolute encoder, Resolver, Hall sensor, ?Vpp sin/cos
  • Mechanical runout?lowest 10??
  • Up to 16 poles for superior slow speed performance 

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